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21st February 2004Hythe Musketry Courses photographs
By John Young
Does anyone know whether there is still a photographic record of the various courses held at School of Musketry, Hythe, Kent?

I'm trying to exactly date some pre-1879 courses I have photographs of.

John Y.
21st February 2004Martin Everett
The only answer I can think of is a bit of old fashioned research. If you know the names - I assume some are officers' courses - then the name of attendance would be on their service record at Kew - mostly WO76. If some are 24th I might have course dates.

21st February 2004John Young

Kew is out of the question at this time for me, due to my arm injury.

I only got one with a 24th officer in, judging by his profile it is William Brander, photograph appears to be circa 1874/5, due the fact some officers are wearing the larger numerals, and others the post-1874 size numerals.

Does Brander fit the bill?

John Y.
22nd February 2004barry Iacoppi NZ
John. Any chance of us mortals seeing your photographs?
22nd February 2004John Young

I'll do you some scan. I did send at least one of them to the SOTQ forum, but it never made it to show & tell.

John Y.
22nd February 2004Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Thanks John.
I have yet to work out how to post pictures on S.O.T.Q.

29th April 2005Jason Hammond

My name is Jason Hammond and I am a serving Warrant Officer in the Small Arms School Corps, which is what the School of Musketry eventually became.

I am currently researching the history of the Corps and came across an old post you hade made on Did you have any luck and do you still have the photographs you spoke of?

I am obviously very interested in seeing them and might be able to help with identifying them. Any other information you have on the subject would be helpful too.