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2nd March 2004Time to put on my Policeman's Hat
By Alan Critchley
There has of late been a lot of heated discussion on this forum which has at times been downright rude and aggressive. I personally watch with interest at the 'banter' and differences of opinion expressed. We have recently had some pretty nasty and offensive comments, as well as straying completely away from the subject of this site. I try not to interfer too much because this is, after all, your site. However, there must be some guidelines. Anyone can disagree on any topic and we've all seen the benefits. This must be done in a civilised manner without resorting to mudslinging or personal comments. The subject should broadly remain the AZW. (Just a personal request here, could contributors check their text before sending?)
We will in future immediately delete any unsavoury comments. Some continuity in the thread may suffer as a result. Anything of a commercial nature, without checking first, will be deleted. We are intercepting any contributions, and deleting before entry, from one person who has repeatedly caused offence and ignored my requests for moderation and co operation.
I hope that everyone understands the need for some constraint.

Alan Critchley
Website author
2nd March 2004L.J.Knight
totally agree, but if i have caused any offence to anybody im so very was certainly not my intension to be rude to anyone..i love the somtimes heated debates on this site. completly understand the need for moderation.but, must say say that im against censorship in any way as a matter of fact..hi to all of u..regards..
3rd March 2004Bill Cainan

Well done for making a stand. Hopefully the site will now revert to what is was - a place where items relating to the Anglo-Zulu War can be discussed in a calm (well, reasonably so !) and dignified way. Our understanding of the events of 1879 will then continue to be enhanced.

3rd March 2004Clive Dickens
Thank you it is not beforE time good arguments YES,INSULTS DEFIANTLY NO
3rd March 2004Edward Garcia

I agree 100% Though at times it does get more than a little entertaining!
3rd March 2004Andrew Holliday
I totally agree entirely. Especially on the drifting from subjects. e.g. I stated a topic on the 27th Feb 04 about Mellville and Coghill. Six replies later the topic had changed to the Germans at Dunkirk. So I agree, Keep the topic in hand.
4th March 2004Andy Lee

I also agree..............and having been one of the guilty persons for contributing to the Dunkirk issue will award myself a yellow card.
In my defence though having researched the issue and spoken to alot of people involved it hit a nerve to here someone speaking about such events in that way.


4th March 2004Julian Whybra
Talking of Dunkirk...
4th March 2004Julian Whybra
Talking of Dunkirk...
4th March 2004Alan Critchley

You're barred!

5th March 2004Simon Copley
I'm guilty too - sorry!

By the way, does anyone know about the remarkable connection between the AZW and
the Spanish Civil War? (Joke!)
5th March 2004John Young

Actually I do - the answer is Stanley Baker, no joke!

John Y.
5th March 2004Simon Copley

Serves me right - I just knew that whichever war I chose some bright spark would find a connection!! Do tell...

What about the Peloponnesian War then?
5th March 2004John Young

Yes I can do that one as well.

However for now - Stanley Baker as we know played Lt. John Chard in 'Zulu', but in the 1961 action epic 'The Guns of Naverone' he played a knife-wielding veteran of the International Brigade from the Spanish Civil War. There's your connection.

John Y.
8th March 2004Simon Copley
John, do you ever go out?!! That's really a connection between Zulu and Guns of Navarone not the AZW and SCW!

Thanks again for a great site though!