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8th March 2004Tribute to David Harvey 1946 - 2004
By Andy Lee
Sadly David Harvey 'Monuments to Courage' passed away last week. I appreciate David was a Victoria Cross researcher but maybe some of you out there on this forum would have come across David in your research.

I was honoured and proud to have known David as a friend and will miss him greatly.

Rest in Peace David

Andy Lee
8th March 2004Alan Critchley
Peter and I echo your sentiments. His research will be a lasting monument to him.

Alan & Peter Critchley
8th March 2004John Young
A sad loss. I only knew David via e-mail & correspondence.

I echo Andy's sentiments that David now rests in peace, freed from his pain.

John Young
8th March 2004AMB
Only very briefly corresponded with him - to get him to sign his truely excellent book. A sad loss.