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15th March 2004Hitch Family members
By Michael Hitch
Hi there my name is Michael Hitch, I am 33 and live in Australia. Now according to my family history I am directly related to Frederick Hitch and my father had a large collection of Hitch military history including uniforms, medals and books. As I was born here in Australia I do not know the rest of my family i.e. cousins, aunts, uncles (although I did travel to the UK when I was 7 to meet them all but my memories are patchy at best). Anyhow if any of the Hitch family see this please drop me a line as I would love to get to know them.
9th January 2005carly hitch
Hi my name is carly hitch and i live in the uk. my brother is called michael hitch too and my grandfather has cousins etc in australia.