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25th March 2004Rorkes Drift book.
By Leigh Tarrant
Okay guys, now that I've read Washing of the Spears, Mutiny on the Bounty (New book- excellent!) and am about to finish ' Custers Last Stand,' my thoughts once again turn to the infamous battle of Rorkes Drift. (For me to read on my continuous train journeys!!! ) Please therefore - Can I have a recommondation about the best book to purchase (to buy through this site maybe) as to which one is best...for accuracy and illustration perhaps....and not say as HEAVY as Washing of the Spears....? Something of an easier read...

25th March 2004AMB
Ed Yorke's effort is easy reading, gets the facts more or less right and is not too large.
25th March 2004Julian Whybra
No, too many errors!!! Nothing Remains but to fight by Ian Knight is the best you'll get.
25th March 2004Peter Ewart

Difficult to see anything improving on "Nothing Remains But to Fight" for accuracy, readability and prolific illustrations.

In a smaller format (to make easier for your train reading) the new book from Lee Stevenson & Alan Baynam Jones called "Rorkes Drift by Those Who Were There" gives it to you from the horse's mouth (or mouths!) as it were, because every known account of the engagement is included verbatim. Available from this site.

26th March 2004AMB
I would concur that Knight's Nothing Remains But To Fight' is the No1, Yorke got the nod as easier to read on the train!! Stevenson's book also first class.

26th March 2004Leigh Tarrant
Okay - A flip of the coin will decide.
26th March 2004Julian Whybra
From the readability point of view Stevenson's book provides you with the accounts of the participants themselves - to a certain extent you have to work out the chronology yourself. Knight will give you a taster for more - and Stevenson will supply it. Buy both!