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4th April 2004Shaka's burial place?
By Marc Jung
Sorry again if this is covered - Is Shaka's burial place known? I read somewhere he was bureid beneath the tarmac of a street named Grafton Street, in present-day Durban. Can anyone enlighten me on that? Also, with reference to the excellent TV movie Shaka Zulu, one piece did make me chuckle. That was Shaka demonstrating 'The Horns Of The Buffalo' routine and he did it with a 'couple' of wariors either side and himself in the middle??? Bit short of the regular impis! thanks.
4th April 2004John Young

King Shaka kaSenzanakhona is buried in the high street of the town of Stanger. The last time I was there, back in 1999, there an old Zulu guarding the site. He spent his time fashion spears, which he sold to tourists. Behind him in a small office/booth you could purchase postcards of the site and booklets.

John Y.
13th April 2004ike McCabe
Could it not be Grafton Street in present Day Dublin?

The site is Stanger has been landscaped to provide a suitable standing for commemorative ceremonies, so losing some of the original bushes and tree stumps - and its character. When I was there in Feb 04, there was no Zulu attendant and the rock on which Shaka was traditionally said to have been killed was now fenced off and inaccessible. The attendant had customarily been there to ensure that nobody committed the gaffe of sitting on the stone.