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18th April 2004Pte Ashley Goatham, 1/24 (kia Isandlwana)
By Peter Ewart
Meant to mention this a month ago and I've no doubt some of you are already aware but I haven't seen it mentioned on this forum, so just in case anyone is interested:

Above soldier (extracts of whose letters on campaign have been published and which are in the Killie Campbell collection) was commemorated in his home parish of Bredgar, Kent, by a nine-foot obelisk bearing a tablet reciting a verse about the battle. According to a piece in a recent Kentish newspaper, the memorial was last year in danger of being pulled down because inspectors deemed it dangerous (I suspect as a result of the checks being carried out in all graveyards last year after a small child was killed by an unstable stone a couple of years ago and the family successfully sued a local authority).

Anyway, over 500 was raised by "many interested parties" (anyone know who? RRWM, etc?) to restore the memorial, referred to as a gravestone by the press report, as well as donations to the church from "Ashley's regiment" and the Goatham family.

A dedication service is to be held in Bredgar churchyard at noon on 20 June. (Bredgar is just SW of Sittingbourne).

(East Kent Gazette & Times, 10 March 2004).

18th April 2004Bill Millar
The 1879 Group donated 150 toward the cost of repairs,several members will also attend in uniform on the day.

18th April 2004Martin Everett
Dear Peter,
I received the plea from the church warden some time ago and passed a copy on to that well-known AZW society based in Kent. I believe they have made a contribution.