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28th April 2004Truce .
By Graham Mason
I have been away from this site for sometime having been busy with countless projects , a lot connected to the Anglo Zulu War . It saddened me to see such barbed and hurtful items directed at individuals via this site . We can`t all be THE EXPERT in this field and those with a lot of knowledge are ones such as i turn to . No matter how slight a mistake someone makes they are put through a form of Spanish Inquisition it seems ! . The squabbling has to cease or those in control of this site will have to resort to sterner controls . I am but a novice in this field and seek to better my understanding by asking those with greater knowledge to help and not risk an assault on my work of a highly personal nature , call a truce on this and lets get back to the forum this site is meant to be , thank you .
29th April 2004Arthur Bainbridge
Graham just rise above it all. history as shown that all people get critism but they endure and over come.As the old song goes they all laughed at christorpher columbus when he said the world was round but whos laughing now.Just hang on in there,look at Alan Shearer he getsa written off every season just makes him more determined.Good luck with the projects and believe in your self and if anyone is rude or nasty tell them to go to hell