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22nd May 2004Thank you
By A. Ashwill
I am a freshman high school student from America. I would like to thank you for all the wonderful information on your site. About a month back I was given the assignment in my history class to do a report and presentation on any battle I wished, so long as it was off American soil and occurred between the dates of 1500 AD and 2000 AD. I chose Rourke’s Drift, not because I knew much of it, but because I had heard only of the numbers of soldiers involved on both sides, the odds against the British, and the British victory. Your site was my main source, and the books you recommend my secondaries. I have looked over the other sites dedicated to Rourke’s Drift and must say if it was not for this site my assignment would have been much more difficult. Once again, thank you.

PostScript: I would also like to say that prior to my research of the battle, the members of the Young Republicans club I am a member of at my school voted to have “Men of Harlech” as the clubs theme song and the background music of our website. The member who supported it believed the myth that it was sung at Rourke’s Drift. After reading the portion of your site dedicated to myths concerning the battle, I was able to restore the historic accuracy of the club.
25th May 2004Martin Heyes
Mr. Ashwill
I hope your teacher, (or whatever it is you have in America), didn't downgrade your assignment due to your misspelling the name of the place where the battle occurred!
25th May 2004Dennis Jaskoviak
Mr. Heyes,
Your reply was most interesting and insightful!
2nd June 2004Peter Critchley
Dear Mr Ashwill,

Many thanks for taking the time to let us know how helped you - it's always great to hear from people who have benefitted from the site.

All the best!