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3rd July 2004Looking for info on Officer
By Justin Young
I was wondering if anyone could help me in my search to find infomation on an Officer that served in the Zulu and Basuto wars.

He appears on Forsyths roll as both 'Unit unknown' and on as a Lt with the Cape Mounted Yeomanry. The strange thing about this man is that he is not on the Original roll in the PRO under CMY but is under Miscellaneous (as are many others) - under unit it seems to say Yeomanry but under Campaigns, he served in the Zulu War not the Morosi Campaign (like the rest of the unit).

I'm aware that various Officers and men from different units that themselves took no part in the Zulu War, did serve - a member of the 2nd CMY was KIA at Hlobane. I'm also aware that in lots of cases men moved from unit to unit and that the last unit they served with (that was due a medal) was the one they had their medal named to- a perfect example is Lt D'Arcy FLH, whose medal is named to him as Commandant D'Arcy Cape Mounted Rifles.

I'm therefore looking at the possibilty that this man served with another unit during the Zulu war and at the end of this, joined the CMY but was too late to serve in the Morosi Campaign?

Does anyone have any information to support the possibility of him serving with another unit during the Zulu war? - his name on his medal is Lt A Carstenson. He can also be seen as serving as a Lt with the Cape Mounted Rifles in the Basuto war of 1880.

Many Thanks