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7th July 2004Death of Chelmsford Haig Ntanze
By Peter Ewart
Many contributors to this forum will have met Chelmsford, the friendly Isandlwana "curator", and will be saddened to learn that he died last month, only 41.

I didn't know about his passing until today but there is a moving piece on him by Stephen Coan in today's Natal Witness.

8th July 2004Robert Jones
There is also a piece about this likeable gentleman,whom I had the privilage of meeting in 2000, on the Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society,s web page.
8th July 2004Melvin Hunt
Our (wife and I) first morning at Isandlwana was spent (pre booked) walking the Fugitives Trail. Upon returning to Isandlwana Lodge and after a necessary couple of hours rest we took the car down to the battlefield for a first good look around. It was now 3.30 and although the gates were due to be locked at 4.00 Chelmsford gave me the padlock so that we could take the car in and spend more time on the battlefield. At around 6.00, with no one else around and the sun setting behind the hill , I found myself in the surreal situation of "locking up" Isandlwana.
Thanks again Chelmsford.
12th July 2004paul naish
Unfortunately had dealigs in 1988 with a shady T/A para from Hornchurch to whom he sold artefacts from the field. Reported to the authorities & appeared in court. Have papers. RIP
13th July 2004Peter Ewart
Hi Paul

Stephen Coan's tribute in the Witness - which I recommend - touches upon this.

Incidentally, I see that the appreciation of Chelmsford published on the AZWHS site mentions that his grandfather fought at Isandlwana (and this was what I was told by a third party when I met him four years ago) although Stephen's piece suggests no family claims at all are made in that direction.