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11th July 2004Keep up the good work.
By Tony Jones
I only found out about 18 months ago that my
ancestor is 593 Private William Jones VC.I have made a donation to the site and would like to thank all those involved with the site either designers or contributors for their efforts and hard work in providing the internet with one of the best sites on this subject.The only way i can think of thanking the site's personnel is to make a monetary donation.I am currently researching whether i am a grandson or nephew(great,great) or cousin (cardinally).On a lighter note,if i win the lottery tonight you will be quids in,along with myself.All the best.Tony Jones.
12th July 2004Graham Mason
Dear Tony ,
It is always good to have contact witha descendant such as you are re Jones 593 VC , Please get in touch and i can promise you that you will be put in touch with others like yourself and as an Amateur archivist i can hopefully help you define your ancestry , thank you , Graham Mason .
14th July 2004Alan Critchley
Don't change the subject Graham. Tony, if you need the address to send the lottery money please contact me!