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18th July 2004CHIEF USITEKM
I have an original [1880s?] photo of a large group of Zulus sitting/standing in front of some tradditional Zulu huts. A hand written title on the back states that the photo is of 'Chief Usitekm's Headmen'. Does anyone know anything about this Usitekm chap?
All thoughts greatly appreciated.
19th July 2004Peter Ewart
Looks as if this is Prince Sitheku kaMpande who, as his name suggests, was King Cetshwayo's half-brother. (I suspect the last letter in his name on the back of the snap is a "u" rather than an "m").

He was captured by Zibhebhu kaMapitha at both Msebe and oNdini (Ulundi) but released. Very lucky, I suppose, not to be among the large number of high-born or high-ranking Usuthu casualties of these battles.

He was born a son of King Mpande, c1835/36. Fynney's "The Zulu Army & Zulu Headmen" apparently mentions him & he is certainly covered in various works by Laband, Guy etc. In 1879 Prince Sitheku's home was not far from the kwaMagwaza mission, established by the first Bishop of Zululand in 1870.

He was one of the group, including three of Mpande's sons, who indirectly appealed through Colenso from early 1880 for measures such as the restoration of the King. In 1885, his home came under the control of the Boers even though it fell outside the boundaries of the New Republic.

Given his fortunes in the Civil War and his treatment thereafter, the 1880s were not a happy time for him. I don't know when he died.

19th July 2004Peter Ewart
Correction of a small slip above: the kwaMagwaza mission had already been established for ten years (by Rev Robert Robertson on Colenso's instructions ) when Bp Wilkinson arrived & settled there in 1870.

19th July 2004AMB

Thank you very much. Very interesting and fills a gap in my knowledge.