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30th November 2004WELCOME BACK
By Phil Pearce
You must have worked super hard to get things up & running again Alan well done & welcome back.
1st December 2004Michael Boyle
Here, here. I hope Peter is getiing some well deserved rest now as he may well have exhausted his supply of the proverbial "mid-night oil" as well as the people at Beaver Design. Kudos to all for the rapid recovery.

As unfortunate as it is to lose four months of discussions it's not as bad as having actual military records lost in a bombing or a fire. Nothing's lost here that can't be regained by re-stating old queries. (At least we still have the ammo marathon!)

Ironically,prior to my old system self- devouring, I had been saving many of the (lost) topics to disk (something,regretably, I hadn't quite got back round to with my new system). Perhaps there are others of a, let's just say, 'similar' compulsive nature out there who could help out if it's deemed desirable to re-constitute our missing links?

(Of course if the Critchleys were to come into enough money to purchase a multi disk array back-up system it might make any future inconveniences less bothersome...)



1st December 2004Peter Critchley
Hi All,

We definitely got caught on the hop - Having assumed we were all backed up, we found we weren't! As it stands, we're good to the end of July, but as you know, nothing since then.

Subsequently, we've instigated a backup procedure to copy all the database data to our local server here in the office (which is also tape backed up), and the server now has an additional hard drive in it, which is being used as a RAID mirror.

So, the upshot of all this is that it shouldn't happen again. Hopefully. If it does, we'll be able to copy the data over and get back having only lost one day's worth of data.

Thanks for your good-natured patience!

The News and Events sections are still on the old version, but these will be updated shortly..

All the best,