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10th December 2004Seeking info on Edwards, George. Private. 25B/922, B Company, alias George Edward Orchard
By Oli Orchard
Good Day one and all,

I am seeking information and photographs relating to my great great Grandfather George Orchard, especially contact from other descendants/distant relatives.

I grew up with tales of Rorkes Drift from my grandfather and have been fascinated ever since.
All help gratefully received.


Oli Orchard
10th December 2004Martin Everett
Dear Oil,

There is a full account of George Orchard's life research by Mr J C Kenworthy - who comes from Combe St Nicholas. You are willing to come and read it at the museum. However, the copyright does belong to Mr Kenworthy so regrettably I am unable to copy it. We could probably dig out Mr Kenworthy's address if you wish to contact him.