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10th December 2004ALIAS?
By Trevor
Forgive me if you've already covered this! But. There seems to be a few alias's in the ranks of Rorks Drift! Any stories behind the names please?
10th December 2004Martin Everett

I am sure some people will able come up with the stories - did not want their parents to know they had joined the army, got a girl in trouble and often it might be they did not like the name they had. As a guide there were about 10 in 1,000 men serving in the Victorian Army under assumed names. But RD seems to have had a higher percentage - I expect because of the detailed research that has been undertaken on these particular men.
11th December 2004Glenn Wade
You are quite correct Trevor. Many men in the British army of the time enlisted under false names for various reasons as Martin has stated. John Williams VC is a prime example, his real name was John Fielding. One story I have managed to find with many months of research is that of James Owen who enlisted under the name of David Lewis and fought at Rorke's Drift. An article describing his funeral and various Swansea directories mention 'David Lewis Owen, son'. I find it quite fascinating that this
11th December 2004Glenn Wade
Sorry, don't kow what happened. I'll continue

man gave his son the name that he fought at Rorke's Drift under.