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By Trevor
Any info on M Mcmahon. I can see he had his medal taken off him! But what happened to him? Was he found and jailed? What became of him after the Army? Did he get the DCM back at anytime. Postumusley perhaps? If not. Why not?
1st January 2005Alan McNeill
All I have been able to find out about Michel MacMahon was under ‘Other Defenders’ on this web page as follows:

Second-Corporal Michael McMahon DCM (Army Hospital Corps)
Little is known about Michael McMahon. He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his actions at Rorke's Drift. The Commander-in-Chief cancelled this award in January 1880, because of McMahon's absence without leave and a charge of theft.

We have been trying to trace details of my Grandfather who joined the 1st 24th under an assumed name at Brecon in about 1872. We have no idea what name he might have used and thought that M Mahon could posibly be him.

I have started a new Topic 'Looking for my Grandfather'