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28th December 2004isanldlawana
By mark
good morning

i recently had the pleasure of walking a variety of old British battlefields,in a small radius there is ulund i/ isanldalwana / rorkes drift / elandslaagte and spionkop (boer war).

At isandlawana i was totally alone on the battle field , and many questions were answered , i stood in the cave where the last british soldier was rumoured to have died, i walked fugitives route , and a paid my respects and the graves, and above all i realised that as much as this was a british defeat,it was a zulu victory

i admire the bravey of both sides and was honoured to have walked the ground where they fought like lions !
29th December 2004Robert Jones
Some people have all the -----y luck, as they say !
Seriously though , Mark, I,m sure it was a wonderful experience and you have just made a number of people, including myself, very envious!!
7th February 2005mark


do you ...anyone...know if there is an on-line map of route I to RD detailed enough that we can use to follow on the ground

7th February 2005Keith Smith

I'm not quite sure what route you are trying to find. I'm not sure about an online map, but there are plenty of printed road maps of SA and also of KwaZulu-Natal.

If you are intending to travel from Jo'berg, you need to go south on the N3 highway. This is a toll road, so expect to pay some smallish tolls. After passing the Tugela toll plaza, you will find that the N11 joins. Take this road towards Newcastle but turn off to the right at the sign for Dundee. When arriving at Dundee, find the road out to Pomeroy, Greytown (road 33). About 30 km south on this road, the RD turn is on your left at Helpmekaar. This is hard to spot because there is noting there on the main road. Follow what will be a rough dirt road down the Biggarsberg pass, following the signs for RD. It is about a 20 minute drive from Helpmekaar. Isandlwana is signposted from RD.

Sounds complicated but it really is very easy. Take care on the dirt road, it can be very dangerous if you drive too quickly on it.
8th February 2005mark

i just got from a 3 day trip to natal,im fortunate enough to live in south africa and the trip including travel/food and accomodation cost around R1200 which is about 100 pounds

Not bad !

again i went to isandalwana,then rewalked the retreat to rorkes drift

with a small amount of imagination it not hard to "see" and "fee" the battle

if anyone gets the chance to go there .. take it !