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3rd January 2005books
By steve miles
can anyone recommend the best book to buy on rorke's drift. I've just watched the film and want to find out what really happened
3rd January 2005Mark Hobson
There are so many books on Rorke's Drift that it would take all day to list them, and some are very good whilst some are very bad. My own favourite is "Nothing Remains but to Fight" by Ian Knight. It is a large format book crammed full of photographs, illustrations and maps and therefore is very pleasing on the eye. It's also excellantly written and would make a good comparison to the film.
3rd January 2005Paul Cubbin
Cheers Mark, I'll look out for that, Ian Knight usually does good stuff. Steve - a nice easy-read one is 'Rorkes Drift' by Edmund Yorke, 'Tempus' publishing. If you want a technical slant for uniforms, etc.. then 'Osprey Publishing' does a couple of good Zulu War books.
4th January 2005Julian Whybra
Yorke's book has some errors in it which I understand will be corrected in future editions - overall Knight is the best bet.