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Anglo-Zulu War of 1879

Martini Henry
All you need to know about the iconic weapon of the Victorian period.

The Diehards
The "Diehard" Company, 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment Re-enactment Group - Our aim is to educate...

Harlech Castle and the song "Men of Harlech"
The song Men of Harlech is something of an unofficial anthem in Wales. This page relates to the castle and song of the same name.

"Men of Harlech"
A complete history of the words used for 'Men of Harlech' (in Welsh, English AND German!)

Ian Knight's website
The web-site of well-known Anglo-Zulu War author Ian Knight, this includes historical articles and as well as information on tours, and details of Ian's books.


Babanango Valley
The lodge aims to offer the highest standards of service possible, by anticipating and meeting our guests every need, while retaining the friendly hospitality and distinctive charm that our guests would expect of a small gracious Country Lodge.

Rorke's Drift Lodge
Rorkes Drift Lodge offers affordable luxury overlooking Isandlwana, Fugitive's Drift and Rorke's Drift


The Royal Engineers Museum
The Royal Engineers Museum and Library tell the story of the Corps of Royal Engineers and military engineering. It is a story about the Sappers and their courage, creativity and innovation.

Link The National Army Museum
The National Army Museum is the British Army's own museum. It is the only museum to tell the story of the Army as a whole from Agincourt in the Fifteenth Century to peace-keeping in the Twenty-first Century.

Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross Graves
This website concentrates on the holders of the Victoria Cross buried in the United Kingdom and Ireland, all in extremely differing circumstances.


Soldiers of the Queen NEW!
Victorian-era military photographs

James Booth Tribute
A tribute site to the actor, James Booth.

Worthington Games
Includes a board game based on the battle of Rorke's Drift

The Thin Red Line
Manufacturers of historically accurate and authentic replica Victorian uniforms and equipment with a special catalogue section devoted to the Zulu War. A unique museum in mid Wales showing the development of uniforms and equipment from Crimea to Boer wars.

Zulu Posters -
A wide range of posters for the film Zulu.
A Michael Caine tribute website

British Forces Website
This site is an attempt to chronicle the development, equipment and achievement of the British armed forces, since their inception to the present day.

Forces Officer Group
An online forum and website for Officers and senior NCO's

Art Prints of the Zulu War
Military art prints of Rorkes Drift during the Zulu Wars. Defence of Rorke's Drift historical prints published by Cranston Fine Arts.

Zulu Film Store
A website dedicated to all things related to the classic 1964 film ZULU


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