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This section contains articles of a general Zulu War nature covering events, personalities etc., anecdotes, poems, interesting myths and asides. Relevant images accompany pieces where appropriate.

Details of contributor's name and title of piece only are given. Any comments or queies should be directed to me or as a topic raised on the Discussion Forum. Send any submissions (Word documents preferably, with any images supplied seperately) to:- [email protected]

Copyright of the contents of the piece and any images used, remain the property of the contributor and cannot be copied, transmitted or used in any way without prior permission. This website cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or infringements which may occur.

Was Lord Chelmsford Decoyed? - PDF Document

Interesting Victorian Forenames
by Alan Critchley

The annotated maps of Isandlwana - PDF Document
By Keith Smith

By Anonymous

Zulu Posters from around the world

By Dawn Grant

AZW Timeline
By Dawn Grant

Some Latin Levity
By Keith Smith

We Sloshed You With A Martini! - (Word Document)
By Neil Aspinshaw

A poem by Brian Everett

The other Victoria Cross at Isandhlwana
By Alan Critchley

Documents in the National Archive (PRO) - PDF Document
By Keith Smith

The Gunfight at Sihayo's Kraal - PDF Document
By Keith Smith

The Hero of Rorke's Drift - PDF Document
By Keith Smith

John Dunn
By Peter Quantrill

The Ballad of Rorke's Drift
Words obtained from the Librarian, Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall.

March of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
by James F. Chumbley

Isandlwana ­ A Military Enigma
By Mark Hobson

By Carol

Louis Napoleon
A poem by Oscar Wilde

ZULU Attack!
By Bill Cainan

How New Zealand Claimed One of Englandís Sons. NEW!
By Dawn Grant