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28th August 2007Peter Critchley
Due to the very high amount of spam mail that this guestbook now generates, we have been forced to stop accepting new entries. Can I suggest that anyone with questions or commments now uses the guestbook which is available at

Many thanks for all the submissions - as you can see, we've had a very popular guestbook!!

Kindest regards,

Peter and Alan
26th August 2007Kevin Symonds
I have found out that my Great Great Grandfather fought at Rourkes Drift. Duen to both my Parents passing on I neaver know the rank he held. His surname was Lyons and it was ony two I found

Lyons, John. Corporal. 25B/1112, B Company
Lyons. John. Private. 2-24/1441, A Company

All I can say is that I am proud and honoured to be a decendant of one of the solders at this historic battle.
23rd August 2007ANDREW SHEPPARD
Ive always wondered what these brave men looked like and now I know. A fascinating insight to the bravest defence in British military history. Well done to all.
14th August 2007Carole Church
A very interesting site. I have often spoken with my father about the courage of the soldiers on both sides at this battle. I find it very interesting to see the real story behind the film. Keep up the good work.
14th August 2007Philip Bellerjeau
Thank you for your web site. the move Zulu has always been one of my favorites. and ihave been looking for the lyrics to men of harlech from the move and i found it here thank you keep up the good work
28th July 2007John D Johnson
Where are Frank Bournes medals now! and how manmedals did he recieve through his Military Career. John
27th July 2007Martin Heyes
The death has recently been announced of Welsh actor/singer Ivor Emanuel, who played Pte. Owen in the film "Zulu."
Remember the line from Chard: - "Can a Welsh regiment sing better, Owen?" (Or something similar.
Very sad.
26th July 2007ONYEZE OWERRI
25th July 2007Simon Rourke
I have been interseted in the battle at Rorkes Drift for many years and I believe that your website is one of the best I have visited. I commend you in what you have done and envy you for the trip you made. Excellent.
21st July 2007Chris
Through my CCF we recently re-enacted Rorkes Drift, after looking through this website it has brought the experience to life for me. After the re-enactment, i found out that a member of my contingent Grant Hook. is the Great Great Great Great Grandson of Pvt. Henry Hook. This only added to my intrest of this battle. After reading your information, I discovered that Pvt. Hook is buried only several miles from my house. Of course this has only added to my interest, thank you for providing such a fantastic archive of information and stories.
21st July 2007Chas
Don't know if this info is any good but I recall clearly as a young Fitters Apprentice working with a chap called Jack Cook who told me one day that a relative of his named John Jobbins had fought at Rorkes Drift .Yes , Jack , I thought , there must have been a million British soldiers there the number of times I've heard that . Lo and behold , there was a Jobbins there !! Jack , as myself , was born in the Abersychan , Pontypool area of old Monmouthshire .
6th July 2007Colin Fielding
Rhiannon, if you need any info. I may be able to help.
6th July 2007rhiannon
great information i meant to be writing 1500 words about john fielding and the site of john fielding including llantarnam
27th June 2007Ally
Great site lots of information. Travelled to Rorkes Drift a few years ago and in real life it shows the battle area is even more difficult to defend then the film shows ( Zulu ) well woth a visit .....but dont ask an Afrikaan directions on how to get there they dont see it as there history. Ask the locals and they still know of the Zulu history
26th June 2007patrick de bromhead
I have done extensive research on the "de Bromhead" surname which has changed from "Bromhead" to "de Bromhead" to "Broomhead" and all manner of spellings in between but have been unable to find any link to Gonville and that side of the "Bromhead" name. Any ideas?
14th June 2007kieron mckenna
phillips park cemetry is .newton heath manchester not bradford it borders briscoe lane and bradford road
12th June 2007Phillip Scott
I enjoy this site and I bleive God was with the men for some reason at Rorke's Drift. Maybe to save one life that would would change others later.
11th June 2007Leslie Widener EMC,USN Ret.
Great site, have watched the Zulu movie many times, and wondered about what happened to the men. Thanks for having the website. This site fills a void.
8th June 2007Elizabeth
Hello! very good site. Nice content...i
8th June 2007Andrew Samchek
live in Thunderbay On Canada
great site
7th June 2007Max Hoppe
I live in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth and recently visited a cemetary, while on an early morning walk in the neighbourhood, I came acroos the grave of Jame Langley Dalton which is still well maintained, inspite of the general decay of the cemetary.
It was interesting to obtain more information on him from this website.
30th May 2007Bob Farr
In response to Mr. John Farr's request on 22 Feb 06 amd Steve Graham's response on 8 Mar 06, I am a decendant of Alfred Farr and possess the medal cited by Mr. Graham.
25th May 2007ceri harris
very nice site useful information that features my great great great grandfather private john jobbins
25th May 2007Alex
Thank You
22nd May 2007Brian Coney
I visited Rorkes Drift and Isandhlwana during April of this year 2007.
Very interesting.
The Isandhlwana site is very moving with the cairns of white painted stones.
Just remeber that the approach roads are dirt track and so not very fast. My wife and I were in a Motorhome so quite slow.
I would not however have missed the chance to visit.
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