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13th November 2006Thomas Engelhardt
I traced back Rick Rescoria's song of 9/11back to your websight for the full words he might have used that day, as he led his people to safety from the WTC. That man is a special hero. And I've the added bonus of your fine site as well, now.
12th November 2006paul
what a wonderful site and a fitting tribute to those brave defenders of rorke's drift .against such overwhelming odds their bravery and great gallantry is awe-inspiring to say the least,may their courage never be forgotten or those of the brave zulus who also fell that day
11th November 2006Jason
Zulu is my favourite, I love those red tunics!
5th November 2006Tymothy Wake Williams
John Fielding(Williams) was my great, great uncle. I have been to the SWB museum, in Brecon. Well done. I am honored to related to such a great man.
29th October 2006bob cooper
A wounded digger from vietnam found the site accidentally whils trying to find the words of the Ballad on a welsh choir CD. Well done!! extremely interesting and inspiring. thank you.
27th October 2006Kate
Thank you, dude!
23rd October 2006david jones
very interesting site, glad I found it
20th October 2006M. Farrell
Just a message from a Yank who saw "Zulu" years ago and was struck by the military bearing of the 24th as portrayed in the film. I have seen the movie many times. The stand by those men is one of the most gallant and heroic by any military force anywhere.
Congratulations on a magnificent site.
20th October 2006Megan
You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)
15th October 2006j.thomas
I will always remember the old museum in the keep in brecon barracks,living in the married quarters i thought nothing of the zulu wars then but now i know why my dad was so proud to serve in the fighting 24th SWB.Every january i now go to Brecon for the service to remember both sides in this unjust war.
6th October 2006Marc F. Evans
I remember, as a teenager, going to see the movie with a friend. One of the best movies I have ever seen. And yes, one I have seen again and again...on TV, on video tape, and now on DVD.

And, I might add, always felt a distant kinship to the movie as I dated Cyl Endfield's neice back in the early 1970s!

THANK YOU for your wonderful internet site. And, perhaps, the next time I am in England, it might be fun to track down a grave sight or two.
5th October 2006colin fielding
Lisa Hyde
Any chance you could contact me via the e-mail that's within the discussion forum memberlist (number 51) so that we could exchange details etc as we are related.
Regards, Col.
4th October 2006Lisa Hyde
Haven't been on this site for along time, it's still really insteresting. My Nan was related to John Fielding he was her uncle. Keep up the great work.
29th September 2006colin fielding
Jeff Fielding
Please could you contact me using the e-mail address in the discussion forum memberlist(I'm no.51).
Thanks, Colin Fielding(great-grandson JW/F
25th September 2006Rod Hodgson
Just found this great web site. Hope to buy Zulu on a DVD as my old VHS is getting worn out. Where can I get the movie version of Men of Harlech? Has anyone read Mike Snook's two new books on the battles? Great reading
22nd September 2006jeff fielding
very good site,pop in now and again,buried aunty Roma today a Fielding before marraige to Bob Comb,she went to great uncle johns funeral,she was proud to be related,will miss her heaps talking about old times
18th September 2006PF
In 1880 painting of Rorkes Drift battle-is Coporal Schiess pictured?
13th September 2006peter kretzschmar
please sir can you let me know do you have a e- mail newsletter to subscribe to on rorke's drift i am interested in the zulu wars thank you sir
8th September 2006Alan Critchley
Matthew, did you know that Chard never married or had any children?
7th September 2006Steve Brooker
Found purely by accident....what an excellent site!
5th September 2006matthew neads
john chard is my great great great grandad
31st August 2006john winsor
totally intrigued about the zulu wars
29th August 2006Mark Powell
I grew up near the grave of John Williams Fielding and my grand father fought withthe South Wales Borderers in WW2. This website is an excellent resource on the Rorkes Drift battle and wet my appetite for more research!
Keep up the good work!
28th August 2006Brian hawkins
Great site its good after watching the film many times to seperate the fact from fiction congratulations
25th August 2006Feroza cassim
hi there..just wanted to say that i think this is an awesome website with great info..i was just busy with a grade 10 history project at school and i got alot of my info here..thanks it was a great help
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