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24th April 2003Mike
Hello this is mike again i just wanna say that i admire the English courage through the history. They fought a lot of battles againt many enemies.Untill now I like the english courage and they always have impressed me. only the fact that England is united with the other coutries of great brittain is a pitty. Well this is it for now i will come back soon. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Mike
24th April 2003Mike
I think this supject is very interresting, so i thougt lets leave a message. I am from the netherlands.
23rd April 2003Damien Green
Hi there,
Interesting web site. I dunno why I have always been fascinated with this subject, but as my parents have some good friends from south africa, we always have a discussion about the battle of rorke's drift! Im just an arm chair enthusiast.
Regards Damien.
22nd April 2003Kevin Williamson
What a brilliant site, long may it last. Ive learnt so many things reading all the articles and will try to see Pte William Jones's grave in Manchester. Thanks again.
21st April 2003Joe Walters
Bravissimo! Wonderful site! I hope this site stays for yrs to come
J. Walters
21st April 2003Steve Rattey
Just as below. Saw the film again for the goodness knows how many time and logged on later.
Being involved in web design it can make you a bit critical of web sites and this one is really good. Please can we have a bit more multimedia. All the best. Steve.
21st April 2003Anna Caution
Watched the film Zulu this afternoon which caused me to access your site. Wonderful and full of information. I shall be looking at it regularly. Can't get too much information at the age of 80. Please keep up this great site. Thank you.
20th April 2003Phillip Cowan
Wonderful site,please keep up the good work!
17th April 2003steph hussien
heres this site in three words- great great great :)

steph hussien
14th April 2003christy bluewell
this is still a great site! i visit it at least 3 times a week! this site is almost as great as hooky in ZULU.
christy b
10th April 2003Richard
Great site, very imformative. I've seen the film 'Zulu' and thought it was very good. I wanted to find more on the true story and those brave men. This site is a great tribute and memorial to those heros, its great that someones making an effort to remember the great sacrifice and bravery of them.
10th April 2003David Bell
This is just to congratulate the creators and maintainers of this excellent site. This site provides fascinating information about the VC winners of Rorkes Drift and I find many of the other features stimulating and highly educational. I have had a keen interest in Rorkes Drift since I first read about it and seen the film Zulu and this site has satisfied a need for background and biographical information on the likes of Chard and Bromhead. I loved reading Chard's report to Queen Victoria and looking at his map.

Thank you
8th April 2003Elizabeth Barnes Marquardt
I never knew my Grandfather, James Henry Reynolds. He died 23 years before I was born. My family knew very little about him and is excited to have located this information.
5th April 2003Ken Burrows
Valiant men. I have throughly read about Rorke's Drift. This American salutes their bravery. I think they should remake the film to capture the newer generations, although no actors could compare to Baker and Caine.
4th April 2003devil master
i thought the film was brilliant, it was portraied very very well the movie has got to be thebest film ive ever seen. bromhead was brilliant with chards. the cast who played the film zulu was brilliant. it was well worth the 2 hours. there is no finer movie. i wonder if the stables and church is still there and if the romour is true that chards trained soldiers till the 1st world war.
30th March 2003neil aspinshaw
I have recently been in touch with the magnus school in Newark, Nottinghamshire. Both bromhead brothers attended the school, contrary to popular belief the school had the uniform of Gonville Bromhead (formerly on display in the Appleton Gate Museum.) The extremely helpful Bursar. Mrs Evans I think?? informed me that it was actually Gonvilles' Brothers, this has been veirfied by Brecon Museum. Also worth a look Nottingham Castle museum, (Smith dorrien was in the sherwood foresters) some nice artefacts.
28th March 2003Peter
I have 3 8/10 photographs actualy taken on the film set of Zulu in 1964, these photos will soon be up for sale and anyone interested please contact me.
27th March 2003Tim Cronk
i have been asstounded with the courage of the british soldiers, in all of the zulu battles and have studied them since the 7th grade.....i am in aww every time i see either of the movies or read a book about it
25th March 2003neil aspinshaw
Hello fellow enthusiasts. It is now two months since I made my first pilgrimage to Rorkes Drift and Isandlwana.If you are thinking of making the long trip it!. The tranqulity of Rorkes drift is sublime, go to Isandlwana a truly mystical wierd place, wander about those cairns and listen to the whispering grass. Also you must do the fugitives trail and visit the lonely spot of Coghil and Melvilles grave, many thanks to all at Fugitives Drift lodge for making the whole trip a truly profound experience.
19th March 2003Natasha Newman
Hello one and all, this is my first time on this site, I'm trying to gather some information for my fiancee a Bromhead (whos father died recently and who had researched the name, decendent of Gonville Bromhead - great great grandfather) does anyone know of any good websites that would enable me to get some family history on Lt Gonville Bromhead. Many Thanks
18th March 2003maureen
Hello again always i keep returning to this site so many people coming to find out about friends and family.Can anyone give me any info on Pte Charles Mason who fought at Rorke's Drift for eg.his grave or indeed anything about him.I want to thank all those who visit this site for the help to get info on my great great grandfather Henry Hook if anyone else can help please e-mail me.........once again keep up the good work maureen
18th March 2003Hamish
iloved the movie and i loved the site
15th March 2003Ken Allen
From our friendly city, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Thought I would inform you that our Moth Shellhole ( Prince Alfred's ), have an annual parade on January 23rd, at the grave site of James Langley Dalton, Russell Road, one of the men who were awarded the VC at the battle of Rorkes Drift. His gravestone is painted, lawn cut and we even have a piper and buglar to play the lament and last post for the parade.
I personally take great interest in the Zulu War history and also a proud owner of the famous Martini Henry rifle, which is still in operational firing order. Looking for a 22" triangular socket bayonet to add to my collection.

14th March 2003Barry Haslam
The website is an appropriate tribute to one of the greatest feats of heroism in British military history. The actual site in South Africa is well worth a visit. Many thanks. Barry Haslam, Johannesburg. (L.Cpl T.E Haslam is buried at Rorke's Drift)
14th March 2003Rick Hogan Jr.
It has been 8 moths since the last time i posted a message on this web site. But i have always returned to readnew information that i see. PLus two jobs keep my busy. I am currently a substitute teacher at the Deer Valley School District N0. 97, in Phoenix, Arizona. Every class i teach i always tell the students about this site and what they can expect. Your site has given me a goal to achieve, to travel to Rorke's Drift after i receive my masters degree in history. I consider myself a wondering scholar as i go to different schools and tell them about this site. Hopefully all of them have seen it by now.
i will continue to support this site in my own way, by telling everyone i meet who is interested in knowledge and love English History.

health, wealth, and happiness to you all.
yours respectfully,
Rick Hogan Jr.
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