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22nd October 2001John Roberts
As the Gt Gt Grandson of 593 William Jones V.C. it is nice to see so much detail and time spent to the dedication and memory of that small but formidable band of men "The 24th".
Keep up the good work!.
They would have been proud.

And once again many thanks.
21st October 2001Glenn Wade
Supereb site! I absolutely love the Zulu war and have almost every book and video on the subject. Lovely site and extremely informative. Could anyone who reads this and who models the Zulu war please e-mail me.
14th October 2001Tom Legg
A truely superb site. I have been studying the Cy Enfield movie 'Zulu' in my Film Studies class and researching the events depicted in the film has sparked a new interest for me. I think that this a perfect site to honour not only the VC winners but all the men who fought at Rorke's Drift and Isandhlwana. Thank you once again.
12th October 2001Simon Hart
As a young boy, when the film Zulu was first released in the cinema,it has always captured my imagination,you have constructed a well informed & detailed site.Both my son(a recent convert,which is quite an achivement considering Sony Playstation is available to him) & I, one day hope to visit the Rourke's Drift site.

12th October 2001Tim Cleary
What a great site..never imagined that there would be one..looking for something like this for ages..thank you
as it has given me so much info..and now I know were to go to visit the DRIFT..BRILLIANT..
10th October 2001Dave Butler
Anybody needing a copy of the roll written by Lt Chard following the battle e-mail me It could be clearer but is legible when zoomed (tiff format for windows imaging)
10th October 2001Dave Butler
I am related to pte Hayden on my mothers side of the family and found this site to be first class with lots of interesting facts and information
2nd October 2001Ed Owens

I am a member of a very small independent living history group here Texas. Naturally we our impression is that of the 24th.

You have a grand site and I have already forwarded it to everyone I think might enjoy it.

Ed Owens
28th September 2001Michael Timney
Brilliant site
28th September 2001Mo Jones.
Great site and please keep up
the good work.
As the founder of The 1879 Group.
Isandlwana & Rorke's Drift
The 24th Regiment of Foot.
A Living History Company.
It's great to see a web site
like this. Well Done.
26th September 2001alan critchley
to all visitors to the site,

thank you for yor comments on the site.

I can't respond to individuals since I am in South Africa and email is very sporadic.

Have visited Isandlwana, Rorke's drift, Eshowe, Gingindlovu. Met with David Rattray on two occasions and hope to tell what else I'm doing.

Alan Critchley.
25th September 2001William Mullen
A fantastic site.
24th September 2001George Love
Been reading everything I can about this incident.But just stumbled onto this page by accident. It's great! I feel like I know these guys now!
My next trip to the U.K. will find me visiting Chard's grave site. He's my idea of a real hero.
23rd September 2001Liz Milne
My compliments on an excellent site. I will be returning often.
21st September 2001Lisa Hyde
A very interesting site with lots of information. John Williams (fielding) is my Nan's Dad's brother i think.
21st September 2001Dr. Anthony R. Picciolo
I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. This wonderful site taught me that I am not as smart as I thought I was. Thanks for this great effort. I will return frquently.
8th September 2001mike fitzpatrick
What a great site!
I have been fascinated with
Rorke's Drift since I saw
ZULU in the movies as a kid.
Now my son, Nolan and I always
watch it on video.
8th September 2001Ann Jones de Rullan
Twenty two years ago I had the honour to visit Brecon museum, my great grat grtandfather was one of the 36 survivours of rorkesdrift, he was a youn boy at the time, Evan Jones, I am from Welshpool , Powys.but live in Mexico with my husband and two daughters, I have tried to find more information about my late grandfather as I would like to pass on all the information to my children, I know it was a battle of great courage and proud that Evan Jones was there.....he was I believe the young bugalar boy and I am not sure of his number, I think it was 1428 or 1248... sadly his medals and log book were sold by an uncle, but maybe now with this wonderful web site I may be able to pass down the history of rorkesdrift to my children... thankyou.. Ann
5th September 2001Melissa Ratcliff
Love the new updates, keep up the good work.
5th September 2001David Wood
What a fantastic site. I will be returning to study it thoroughly.
4th September 2001Rod Bott
Congratulations on a superb site i have enjoyed my visit and will be returning to it again. Superb !! A great Tribute.
4th September 2001Clint Olivier
Cheers from USA!
4th September 2001LIONEL HAMM
One of the best sites I have visited.It is a pity that this info is not at the museum at Rorkes Drift.
3rd September 2001Anthony Walter Chard
I had been led to belive that I was a decendant of the late John Chard, I now no that he had no children,so this can not be the case, but am still proud to bare the same name.
3rd September 2001J Springate
Best site i've seen great storytelling and is a great tribute to the brave men who fought against truely overwhelming odds. Makes me feel proud to be British
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