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28th June 2002g.sheridan
please except my congratulations on excellent site
i have been interested in this battle since i was 14.have watched the 2 films countless times.
if any one is interested in the history of the zulu and british wars i recommend reading THE WASHING OF THE SPEARS by DESMOND R MORRIS.
is it also a myth that chard+bromhead argued
about who was the senior officer
thank you again for an excellent site
27th June 2002peter john
excellent site very interesting i live in a village where one of the defenders grave is(pitt)in bettws
25th June 2002Roy Taylor
Excellent site. Fantastic depth of information on the battle and various participants. Well done. The film still ranks as my all-time favourite even allowing for those minor inaccuracies.
24th June 2002E Battensby
I have seen the film Zulu at least twenty times and decided to search the internet for information on the battle.
The site is a mine of information and after reading the details of the battle and the stories of the gallant soldiers; one cannot help but be proud of all the men who gave their lives serving Queen and country.

21st June 2002Leigh Tarrant
Oh Yes I forgot! - A Question: Did the Zulu's in fact make that 'dam train sound' when approaching Rorkes Drift in the original battle, or was that just put into the movie to add effect and chilling atmosphere?? can anyone oblige?? Always stays in my mind that one!!
19th June 2002leigh tarrant
Great site. I Always loved the film and have seen it many times. I collect Vintage film posters from Zulu from all around the world. The new Zulu DVD is due for release in the UK in August. Pity they can't put 'The Making Of' on it too. It's a 30min b/w documentary. Does anyone know of where one could get a vhs copy of this film? Keep up the good work.
19th June 2002Philip Bale
Having watched Zulu for about the twentieth time thought that I would search the web - what an excellent site!!
17th June 2002Lawrence Chard
Great site with at least one famous name.
If you wish to visit ours, we would love to see you at
or our original site:- <a href=""></a>
17th June 2002JOE BARRY
16th June 2002Rick Hogan Jr.
Greetings my friends,
again and again i have come back to the site. There is always something new to see. As i was listening to Men of Harlech, I remembered a quote(if i remember it correctly) that i had read when helping a friend of my understand William Shakespeare,
"O'England little is thy Country; with a mighty heart!"
Another quote that comes to mind is Admiral Horatio Nelson
"England expects every man to do his duty!" The men of Rorkes Drift did just that.
I like to think a bit of England is in each of us; or at least that is what I believe.
Health, Wealth, and Happiness to you all.
16th June 2002Norman
I was told about this site by a friend who knew I was interested in the battle at Rorkes Drift. The site lived up to all my exp[ectations. Keep up the good work.
13th June 2002marco aurelio agarie
I'm very glad to discover this site. Congratulations!
The brave British Soldiers are
a mankind's proud!!
13th June 2002Maureen jones gt gt grandaughter Henry Hook
To the lady who calls herself Misty Hook re your message left on this page i have tried to send you an e-mail but it came back unrecognised server so can you please e-mail me direct....thank you
13th June 2002David Jenkins
I am 10 years old and I live in Zululand. I have visited the battlefields and forts with my dad since I was six and read Ian Knight's books. This is one of the best web sites I have seen, and my best movies are Zulu and Zulu Dawn. I have a big collection of Zulu cultural items. I would really like to get a british tunic and helmet and 24th Regiment badge.
13th June 2002phil
10th June 2002Denzil KERANS
Please accept my sincere congratulations for one of the most interesting websites I have had the pleasure to view.I have just had to return to it again and again and each time I learn a fascinating new fact to shed more light on the subject.Truely fascinating and impressive.Your hard work and effort is commendable.Thank you.
Denzil Kerans London U.K. 11.06.02
10th June 2002Fiona Macpherson
I was lucky enough to visit Rork's Drift on an expedition to South Africa. Rork's Drift was where we were doing our community work. I wasn't interested in the history of the site and didn't even know what had happened there!! As a group we were given an organised tour of the battle field of Rork's Drift and Islandwana. I was fascinated in everything we were told! I am hoping to return to Rork's Drift to visit the children i made friends with as the people in Rork's Drift were very nice and friendly.
9th June 2002Christopher Ami
I bought the movie Zulu and got your website through the AOL search engine. Very enjoyable...and thank you!
8th June 2002colum o rourke
im proud to be irish, and the great great nephew of james rorke, the man of whom the post is called after. failte
8th June 2002Roger Jones
I have just watched "Zulu" for the umpteenth time and thought I'd search tne net for Bromhead, and up came this site! Fascinating site and well worth returning to.I like this site too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8th June 2002Andy House
I really enjoyed this site, reading a little on the Zulu wars and seeing both movies I became very intrigued with the British Military/History.
SO MUCH detail and information!
Andy House Oklahoma USA
7th June 2002Misty
RE: My post. Soz i meant great-great-granddaughters not granddaughters
7th June 2002Misty Hook
RE: Heather and Maureen
You are granddaughters to Hook? So am i! That means we are related! Thats cool! Email me sometime! I am so happy to see family. Luv ya lots
6th June 2002HEATHER
Like Maureen I too am a Gt Gt Granddaughter of Henry Hook and it is through this site that we discovered where we both fit in his family. Thank you.
5th June 2002Mrs Maureen Jones Gt Gt grandaughter of henry Hook
Since my interest in my family tree i have found help beyond belief from the founders of the 1879 group and cannot thank them all enough they have now become good friends..........thank you keep it up
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