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15th May 2007katherine
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13th May 2007 katherine king
What a FAB website I found a realative of my grampas on here Private William Horrigan he was killed escaping from the hospital,id love to find out more about him anything would be fab as we are tracing our family tree.Regards Kath. [email protected]
13th May 2007katherine king
What a FAB website I found a realative of my grampas on here Private William Horrigan he was killed escaping from the hospital,id love to find out more about him anything would be fab as we are tracing our family tree.Regards Kath.
1st May 2007jason
Thank you. I am very impressed with the layout and nature of your
Please can you send me more information on this topic?
I am very interested in it!!!!



[email protected]
30th April 2007A serving SGT in the RE.
A great site, full of amazing history and pics.
28th April 2007shadowman
Hi! How r u?
nice site!
24th April 2007Robert Feinstein
It's a great site! The courage of both the British and Zulu combatants can only be admired.
18th April 2007John Sears
Wonderful Site.Iv'e just found out,through doing Family Tree,that Arthur Sears was my Great Great Uncle.Thanks Laurie Rainer ,for Information about the book Noble 24th.Please get in touch & we can share Information.
15th April 2007J Toon
Great film Zulu never get sick of seeing it.It is good to see the photos of the men who were there
13th April 2007Andrew Allen
Great information. This site provides greater detail than the movies provided. I've seen "Zulu" probably twenty times and upon reading your synopsis of "Zulu Dawn", I'll be renting that this evening. Excellent site!
9th April 2007Louise Wright
Excellant site. Full of great information and easy to use.. I have been looking for information on CS Bourne and was wondering why he never received the VC all my questions answered in full. Congratulations
8th April 2007David Raynes
Great site, reading it as I watch Zulu for the third time!
6th April 2007Malcolm Millar - Vancouver - Canada
A very well thought out and informative site.. Over the past few days, I have utiliized most of the links and read end to end the lives of the 11 V.C. Men. And as well the interesting stories on the double award winners.. I have recommended this site to many friends who are History enthusiasts as we all should be..
3rd April 2007Ian Randall
What an incredible and informative site! I particularly enjoyed the directions to the VC recipients graves.

27th March 2007Nat Bromhead
Fascinating site .... Have always wondered how we are related - Lots of interesting RD info here. Thanks. Nat ( QLD Australia)
27th March 2007kevin carter
excellent site have been a fan of the film since my father took me all those years ago,the site has made me more determined to find the time and pay a visit to and well done.
19th March 2007m fitzgerald
first class an excellent sight so much detail and so much information well done
17th March 2007m fitzgerald
first class site very informative well done
16th March 2007Jim Purdy
Hi There,
Just came across you very excellent site. I visited both Rorke's Drift abd Isandlewana in 2006 whilst visting my Brother in law. Stayed at a lodge called The Penny Farthing, along the road towards Greytown. The owner was an excellent guide and we had a great visit taking many photos.
Best Regards for now. Off to South Africa again next week and might visit the battle sites again.
Jim Purdy - Swindon
16th March 2007peter coope r
1313 thomas cooper.1/24-was my great grandfather who died at isandlwana.
15th March 2007Kathy Shoreman
My husband introduced me to this movie - He is English, former British Army. His favourite movie - every time I watch it, I love it more and more and more. I already have a print of Rorke's Drift for him in the house next to the print of "Death of Wolfe." I will be buying him more things for his upcoming 50th birthday!
12th March 2007john l baker
excellent site, I too was astounded and fascinated by all the detail you have collected.
Congratulations on a job well done.
8th March 2007rhys jones
yes i read your infomation i was fasinated by it i was i can't get over how much infomation you have collected
25th February 2007Juan - Spain
Fantastico site, que honra la memoria de aquellos valientes que lucharon en Rorke´s Drift.
19th February 2007nat davis
glad to have found this site
my g-g-g-grandfather was killed at isandhlwana and he had a brother who was at rorkes drift
so i find this site very interesting
18th February 2007Eddie Ferguson
Fantastic site, very sad at the tragic death of David, however as long as we have people like him and Ian Knight his work will go on.
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