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2nd January 2004Alexander
I've just seen the "Zulu" film. It really impressed me.
I decided to know the true story of that outstanding battle and so found your site. It is splendid.
2nd January 2004Alexander
I've just seen the "Zulu" film. It really impressed me.
I decided to know the true story of that outstanding battle and so found your site. It is splendid.
2nd January 2004Mike
I just found out i have an ancester who survived the battle of Rork's Drift but who later died of Yellow Fever at another battle and i was wondering how i could get a list of names of the soldiers who survived the Rork's Drift battle. Plus it just so happens to be one of my fave movies.
19th December 2003Don Sauers
Have watched the movie Zulu many times. Particularly interested since I have a good friend in Swansea, Wales, and most of VC winners were Welshmen. The "flying platoon" used in the battle has now become a standard defense in Marines. The scene where Michael Caine leads the platoon to reinforce beleagured sections of the mission is shown to recruits at Quantico. Finally, do you know where I can get the lyrics to the song by the Welshmen in the movie?
18th December 2003Paul
Having just viewed the movie ZULU again last evening, I checked the internet for further information and located this site. Thankyou to all contributors - so much more to investigate now - will certainly keep coming back to read more .... and more ... and more. Those men were real heroes.
1st December 2003Robert Jones
Military History is one of my main interests,and the film Zulu Dawn,was of particular interest to me,not withstanding the fact that i share the same name as one of the main combatants involved in the action,that the film portrays,And now that i have found this site i am going to be a regular visitor,because it is excellent,well done,keep up the god work.
1st December 2003Steve Hutson
A most impressive site. Easy to navigate, full of information and well set out. A standard for others to aim at.
30th November 2003tony jones
I showed my dad,ex pte. Vincent Jones,aged 72,the website details of pte.William Jones;it made his day.He told me that my great grans maiden-name was carpenter,hence the connection to the surviving relative Kristen Carpenter.V.Jones has visited Williams grave
in Manchester ironicly his Grandad is buried in the same cemetary!
27th November 2003andy webster
Fantastic website with great links I really enjoyed your popular myths section
18th November 2003Maureen Julia Jones
Hi Heather i am hoping that you get back onto this site and check the messages i have lost your e-mail address and phone number.I have moved down to Somerset now but have got loads more stuff on Henry and the family .Hope to chat soon
17th November 2003Derlwyn Griffiths
I am a relative of Pte Robert Jones and have lost certain family documents about robert and your site as help to recompile some of the lost information.
Many thanks
17th November 2003Tony Wood
Interesting, that when I joined the RN, in '65, they showed us Zulu as an insight into leadership. Then when I joined the Australian Army in , '78, we were shown Zulu for the same reason. Also at NCO schools, later. Especially Colour Sergeant Bourne.
14th November 2003Phil
Brilliant website, informed, well done! You have done credit to the memories of all who took part in the battle and enlightened us all. Thank you.
11th November 2003Anton
After attending a Memorial Day service in my city, I went online and started to read about all the VC winners. I stumbled onto your site, and spent the next two hours reading about this battle. Congratulations, very well done.
11th November 2003Andy Smith
Just visited your site for the first time. Amazing! I wish we'd had the internet, and, 30 years ago when I first become fascinated by the events in South Africa of 22 January 1879. Keep up the good work!
10th November 2003Terry Hook
Probably not really related - at least not closely, my ancestor Hooks having come to the States before it was the States, but still like to see a Hook that was a hero.
9th November 2003Tony Jones
My dad told me about Private William Jones who gained a V.C. in the first Zulu war it's great to be able to look at a picture of one of our relatives from the past and read about his heroics
7th November 2003Wm. B. Parkinson
Splendid site. Had an ancestor in the Zulu War, was with the Lancers, I believe, wounded about the time the Prince Imperial was killed. Know little else but would appreciate any information anyone has.
4th November 2003victoria house
I am interested in two vc winners Captain Edmund Otoole who was in the battle of Ulundi and William House of the Royal Berkshire Regiment won vc in Boer War. Trying to reserach back bound on both men. Family story said I should be related to Edmund Otoole and trying to see if related some how to Willaim House.
Willing to talk about either if anyone else is interested in either man. Researching family tree.
Cheers to anyone who replies. Emails accepted.
Thank you
3rd November 2003melanie trinder
my great great grandfather JOHN S JOBBINS
WAS IN THE 2ND OF 24TH REGIMENT OF ROKES DRIFT . He was due to have his V.C but sadly he past away. he now rests at
trevethin church pontypool gwent. MY HERO
2nd November 2003Douglas Head
We have the tape of the movie Zulu which we have viewed several times. We have visited the Museum in Brecon which is very interesting
1st November 2003Blake
I'm always looking to learn more about Rorke's Drift and the battle of Isandlwana, and thius site helped me do that. Thanx for making this website, send me a email if you find anything else out!
30th October 2003Anthony Scarrow
I missed the BBC programme. Was it the usual attack on the reputation of the soldiers and the colonial power?
29th October 2003Bebo
Great site !
29th October 2003Rob Lane
I saw the Timewatch programme on the 24th, and seeing my Uncle Roger Lane speaking about the battle fought by my Great Great Grandfather Sgt Gallagher was enlightening. For me the programme was a superb way to see the place where it all happened, and although my knowledge is far short of that of the other visitors of the site, I couldn't fault it. The site is also a very interesting source of information and facts about the battle and I've enjoyed visiting it alot.
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