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17th July 2004Richard James Waldo
Excellent Website! I am particularly happy that a ancestor of mine who fought at Rorkes Drift, Second- Corporal Francis Attwood DCM is pictured on your website
14th July 2004Ray Barnes
Heading for Manchester tomorrow from the USA. Plan to visit the grave of William Jones, and pay my due respect to a brave soul. Thank you for the excellent info. and directions provided here.
13th July 2004Gary Marker
great website, have purchased both movies of Zulu and have learned a great deal from this website, am planning vacation to S.Africa in 2005 to visit the battle sites.
keep up the good work
13th July 2004Kaitlyn Lewis
Excellent website, thanks~


[email protected]
13th July 2004Walter M Baker
Great website
11th July 2004BRIAN

went to see pte Hooks grave yesterday at
churcham. Very moving moment to be near a
very brave man
10th July 2004Tony Curtis
A very well laid out site good content and very interesting. keep up the good work still the best site regarding The Zulu war. I have made link on my site to this very interesting site.
8th July 2004Stephen
Why do all the references from the Rorke's drift engagement appear to show the 2-24 wearing the red uniform when they probably fought the battle in thier blues, making them a harder target to aim at?
7th July 2004Tony Jones
Ohla! Luis Herrero,vienvenido a Rorke,s mucha gente en inglaterra que encuentra este subjecto muy intertesante.Me ancestro William Jones VC,protecta la hospital contra los Zulus.Tambien,Espana tiene heroes?
5th July 2004neil wiggins
this site serves as an excellent modern monument to brave combatants, zulu & british alike.
this has helped my daughter come to understand the true nature of this conflict for her school work
29th June 2004Luis Herrero
En estos tiempos, en lo que el heroismo y el honor son conceptos pasados de moda, quiero manifestar mi admiración por los héroes de Rorke's Drift, y lamentar que en España no exista quien mantenga viva la memoria de nuestros héroes como los defensores de Baler (Filipinas).
27th June 2004Jayne Hanks
This is such an excellent site.Have been interested in all to do with Rorkes Drift etc since hearing the details from my father,and then seeing the film for the first time 30 years ago about,my two sons are also hooked,to the point of knowing all the script almost from start to finish!!But also being very proud that my father was in the South Wales Borderers during the WW2,and landed with the 2nd battalion at Asnelles on D-day.Thankyou I will certainly be a regular viewing your website.
26th June 2004jock
Still by far the best site on the net regards Zulu information .

keep it up .... ive been offline for a while but its good to be back and to see the site going from strength to strength.
20th June 2004Nick Jay
Just like to say that I came across your excellent site purely by accident when I was doing a search for the Royal Horse Artillery, of which my grandfather was a member during WWI and partly for research purposes as I'm chronicalling his war diaries and also researching his (and my) family tree. I loved the film Zulu when it first came out and have seen it many times since but I'm also interested in the history of it and have seen serveral documentaries on it on the television and your site is brilliant. Just wanted to say I've enjoyed my 'tour' and am bookmarking it for a future further one when I get time. Thanks. Nick.
15th June 2004Mark Belcher
This is an amazing website on the history of rorkes drift!! All the information provided on this site has helped me immensely on my history presentation for A-level. Thanks very much!
15th June 2004nick
great site and factual info,..11 VC's.says a lot about the courage and determination of those brave men.
13th June 2004susan wear
hello to anyone who is going to the re-dedication ceremony at nottingham for PTE. caleb wood and PTE.richard tongue.
i cant wait to see everyone apparently i am the 2nd in line of the living descendent to caleb wood.
looking forward to seeing everyone.
looking forward to seeing the princes.
12th June 2004PETER CHARD
I saw the movie ZULU when I was 23 in 1964. I still view it on occasion via VCR tape. There is a book worth reading if it can be found, THE ZULU WAR by DAVID CLAMMER (1973) under the heading of BATTLE STANDARDS MILITARY PAPER BACKS. DAVID C DELEE, CALIFORNIA U.S.A.
22nd May 2004craig woodruff
excellent site.
18th May 2004Ban Zhou
A great site, good information
to anyone from DE, USA: The British Army went on to fight
with all the mighty empire's might,
Because we're running short on time, we will now depart from rhyme
Do some reasearch of Britain's small wars. What Southeast Asian nation which consists of part island and part land did the British fight a guerrilla war in during the 1950's, then visit that guestbook too.
17th May 2004pete5 M.Dunn,PhD, JD. Colonel USAF (ret)
Enjoyed the account of the search for G. Bromhead's grave and the memorial. Having been born and raised in India of British parents I felt an affinity for that type of travel and search. Fascinating site indeed.
1st May 2004kevin jobbins
looking for facts about private jobbins from pontnewynydd, pontypool. (great great grandfather)
1st May 2004David Fletcher
Thank you for this Interesting site , the information compliments the film Zulu and does credit to some very brave men .
David Fletcher
30th April 2004Jay Arvo Schonbrun
Dear sirs,
I am a reenactere in the Company of Select Marksmen in the United States. My Regiment is the 24th regiment of Foot Light infantry company.
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